Your Critical Case Issues Distilled

Into Compelling Courtroom Visuals.


    We offer graphics and animation services in a variety of formats to suit your case needs. Animations can be realized as 2D or 3D, static PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.  Time lines that are static or animated can be created in a variety of treatments depending on which priorities you want the viewer to focus on.


    By employing a range of rendering technologies together with years of experience, we create compelling images that capture the attention of a judge and jury to help them focus and amplify the Litigator’s argument. Click here to view samples of our litigation visuals >


    We understand that not all cases require the use of animated or illustrated visuals and so we also offer simple, but effective documents treatments with call-outs. Document treatments can be accompanied by simple line art in the instance of patent drawings to enhance comprehension by the litigator's audience.


    At times audio and video may be blurry, muffled or of such a poor quality that it is rendered questionable or even unusable in practical terms. Through the use of noise removal, spectral cleaning algorithms, or graphical guide layers, we can improve the quality of blurry video or enhance the intelligibility of muffled or noisy audio for the average listener without altering the original evidence.

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