My primary service focus is to first understand and discover the nuances of my client’s critical case issues and then deliver visuals and animation that not only empower litigators while addressing the court, but reveal optional perspectives to enhance the argument.


I also offer photography service as well as forensic enhancement of audio and video evidence. Whether your case involves poorly recorded speech or blurry video, I can increase and improve the clarity of audio/video evidence.


I understand my client’s need for strict confidentially at all times and the importance of remaining efficient, flexible, and always accessible.



PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations

Technical Illustration

Forensic Animation

Interactive Tutorials

Timelines and Chronologies

Statistical Charts/Diagrams

Informational Graphics

Medical Exhibits

3D Recreations

Deposition Video Production

Audio/Video Enhancement

Areas of Experience:


Product Liability

Intellectual Property

Patent Infringement

Commercial and Business Litigation

Pharmaceutical Patent & Liability

Professional Liability

Civil Litigation

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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